Transform the way you do business in a fast changing environment.

"For businesses today, growth in data volumes and sources -- sensor, speech, images, audio, video -- will continue to accelerate as data proliferates. As the volume and speed of data available through digital channels continues to outpace manual decision-making..."

Randy Bean
CEO of NewVantage Partners, Forbes

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We help our customers achieve the full potential of the Internet with agility and simplicity.

We are straightforward and value agile ideas. We believe the world is already too complex and, hence, technology should be simple and accessible.

Many IT professionals consider technology as a goal, not as a means to an end. Our values are not focused on the technology itself, but on how technology can help you realize your business’ full potential.

The vast experience obtained in such varied areas as banks, government, electronic commerce, technology and education enables us to understand and develop adequate solutions.

Implementing the best techniques and evolving accordingly to the market needs, we create, develop, manage and maintain technological and infrastructure projects to our customers. From specific projects to high availability solutions, we have the capacity and competence in shaping the most diverse types of projects.

This experience has forged our agile values and our choice for open source solutions, assuring our customers of availability, market alignment, safety and new technologies.


We have been working on the development of Internet solutions to companies of different sizes and industries for over a decade. Through the evaluation of specific needs, we choose the best technique and the best model to develop the appropriate solution jointly, learning from your expertise and working together.

Working on development, training, digital marketing and infrastructure, we can create projects which embrace your company´s multiple areas of knowledge, supplying solutions to fulfill the wideness of your challenges.

We also work on implementing IT management models for companies which need a dynamical and regulated environment, from contract management to coaching and management of IT teams.

Our consultancy is not restricted to creating the project: everything produced during the analysis, development or operation is converted into documentation. You know exactly everything that was done. We respect your history!

All our consultancy service is aware that education is essential to any successful project. Therefore, we provide the necessary training so that your business may benefit from the best current market practices.


IT is complex and we know how to make it simple. Working for over a decade on commercial Internet we have implemented and scaled up and down diverse IT infrastructure environments.

We have knowledge to dimension, manage and supervise infrastructure, equipments and servers. Our customers trust our expertise in engineering, maintenance and operation in both on-site and external environments (datacenter co-location, managed private cloud, managed dedicated servers) under the most diverse demands.

We associate the best hardware from suppliers such as HP, Dell, Oracle/Sun with customization to specific needs in Windows and Linux (Debian and Red Hat) platforms in homo- or heterogeneous environments. All of that integrated with the best monitoring solutions as Zabbix, Nagios and Cacti, aiming at following and maintain the necessary levels of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

For large environments, we provide the best practices of equipment automatic commissioning and dimensioning of high availability projects (HA).

Debian, Red Hat, Windows: we combine the best hardware and customize it with the main operational systems available with interoperability.

Do you trust your SLA? We integrate your environment with the best open source solutions available in the market: the amazing Zabbix, Nagios and Cacti.

It works! Our expertise in engineering, maintenance and operation guarantee the performance of your IT environment, be it large or small, homogeneous or heterogeneous.

Get your environment under control! We reduce your environment´s complexity with automatic commissioning of your equipment.

Open Source Development

We use open source software to develop our customers and partners projects because we believe in flexibility, safety and sustainability provided by these solutions. The innovation of open sources software is essentially our business success, since they make it possible to aggregate value and give freedom to our customers.

We are specialized in developing websites using Drupal and creating web applications using Symfony. We also audit projects in PHP and scale web environments. We have know-how in Big Data and High Throughput Computing (HTC) with Apache Hadoop and in full-text searches with Apache Solr.

We are not only enthusiastic to open source projects but, in fact, we participate in the development of core components for Symfony2 framework and patches for Drupal (modules and core). We also created and maintain a Drupal distribution named Drüpen.

Open source software is, accordingly to Wikipedia, a software whose source code is open and licensed in a way that allow users to study, improve and even distribute the software.

Drupal is a flexible and robust content management platform used in some of the biggest Internet websites, as The Economist and The White House.

Symfony is a PHP web framework, a toolbox that provides better maintainability and standardization of the source code.

Apache Hadoop is a tool and framework suite which supports reliable, scalable and distributed computing.

O Elasticsearch is a full-text indexing and search enterprise platform, fast and highly scalable, based on the Apache Lucene project.

Digital Marketing

Internet has been drastically changing the relationship between customers and companies. With the advances in the universalization of internet access more opportunities are created.

We know how Internet works and we can help with your digital marketing campaign with total focus on results, through techniques as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) e Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Over 7 millions of users

This is a comScore estimate on the number of Internet users in Brazil. It´s an audience bigger than the population of countries like France and England (State of the Internet in Brazil, comScore, 2011).

We have already successfully implemented digital marketing projects for retail portals (B2C) to real state agencies. Committed to results, we guarantee every client has the ultmost return on investment, considering either tangible results (CPC, CTR) or intangible ones (brand exposure, buzzying).

50% have joined an online brand community

Globally, almost 50% of active Internet users claims to have joined a brand community at some point (Wave 5, Universal McCann, p. 54).

SEO and SEM: we know the techniques and the measuring tools. We can simplify it for you! We guarantee the return on your investment. We focus on results!

Social networks are changing the relationship between company and customer. Through SMO you can explore your brand’s potential, expose your image and increase sales!


Infranology was created in 2012, as a technological solutions provider to a new sector, whose commercial and strategic impact would be of elemental importance: The Internet.

Due to its enterprenuer vision, Infranology not only has kept up with advances in technology but has also actively participated in the main technological projects applied to the segment.

Infranology work with the latest technical and marketing practices, always oriented to fulfill the needs of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

Infranology´s mission is to project, develop and implement precise solutions for its costumers, analyzing their real needs in which the technological complexity holds back their progress, improving results and reducing costs for customers, suppliers and employees.